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Is there a way to maximise business development for consultant solicitors in a post COVID world? I think it’s an even better time to be thinking about marketing your legal practice, because technology is giving you and your clients more opportunities to solve legal problems!

How to get clients (Business Development for consultant solicitors)

Gone are the days when you could qualify as a lawyer, get a full-time role with a firm and live out your days earning a crust for doling out legal advice without ever needing to bring in business.

In truth, I’m not sure those days ever really existed, and if they did it was for those lawyers who might well have been just as happy sitting in any office that was willing to pay them a wage.

The lawyer of today has to have as keen an eye for business development as managing partners do. We are all in this together, is a phrase that speaks to making profits as much as it speaks to pulling together to get through a crisis.

What’s in it for you?

Whilst business development might be being touted as a hip way to appeal to prospective employers or to secure a promotion, it’s worth considering the other more relevant long term reasons why a lawyer would actively engage in this everyday business activity. For example,

  • Every employee can create a more secure future for themselves (and their employer) by actively being the face of the organisation simply as a matter of course. After all, if your employer has a secure financial future, so too do you.
  • Networking is a key personal skill that outlasts any one job. If you can get business for your current employer, then you can do the same for someone else or even yourself if you find yourself looking for a new opportunity!

Is business development hard?

It’s as hard as you make it. Some people find networking hard and uncomfortable but I’ve not met a single person who didn’t come to like it with a bit of practice. It’s like most things; at first it’s new and might take a bit of getting used to but it doesn’t take long to find your feet. If you can get through a law degree, secure a training contract and qualify into the legal profession then trust me, you can definitely network and engage in business development!

Business development for consultant solicitors in an online world

With the arrival of COVID-19 we’re all facing new ways of working and securing business. You may have tried face-to-face networking events, or business related social gatherings where you’ve been able to engage with prospective clients and would-be referral partners, but the online world is making it even easier.

You REALLY can work from anywhere with just a laptop, a smart phone and the internet! Your clients might even prefer the ease with which you do business in an online environment. There are lots of software platforms out there that will allow you to work remotely and stay in touch with clients all from one secure app on your phone or computer.

I’ve been working remotely using online meetings for about 10 years now, and I love it. With technology as a tool in my business I’m able to serve more clients better than ever before. It always struck me how many law firms were so stuck in their ways that they rejected remote working as an option for growing their business. But like lots of people, law firms aren’t always wiling to embrace change.

Change takes effort and a leap of faith. It requires belief and vision. It shouldn’t require a global pandemic…

I want to market my law firm or my consultancy, how do I start?

  • Attend online networking events
  • Join conversations in LinkedIn, leave comments and ‘like’ those of others
  • Increase the number of connections you have on LinkedIn by sending new requests every single day
  • Share great articles, posts and content that others have written
  • Have 1-to-1 conversations with people that you know you could help by introducing them to others in your network
  • Commit to being the face of your firm or your business and provide value to the people in your network
  • This list could be much longer, what examples can you think of? Start writing your own list now!

Key Points:

  • Networking and business development don’t need to be “taught”, they can be learned with practice and improved with experience.
  • Business development is about getting to know people, it’s about being curious enough to ask questions and to be interested in what someone else is saying. It’s about building relationships that might lead to business.

Key Resources:

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Lexis Nexis Article: 7 Business Development Tips Every Lawyer Should Know (You’ll need to register for a free account to read the full article)

How Can I help YOU?

In addition to being a UK solicitor working as a consultant solicitor I’m also an ICF ACC level certified business and personal coach. If you’re a new consultant solicitor and you’d like help getting your practice off the ground, please contact me via email or phone (contact details are at the bottom of the page!). You can also book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me to discuss how I might be able to help you develop your consultancy practice by clicking HERE.