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A fresh approach for businesses:
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I’m Jane Rapin,

Employment Lawyer,HR professional, and coach.

I’ve spent my entire working life helping employers boost productivity and profits by getting the best out of their employees.

I’m in a unique position to do that, because I’m multi-skilled and qualified in several areas. I’ve also owned and managed several businesses including manufacturing, haulage and retail. I understand what it’s like to own a small business, and how difficult it can be to manage employees and keep up to date with employment law. I take a pragmatic, commercially focused approach to help you solve your people problems.

This is my blog, and it’s where I’ll be sharing content to help small business owners, lawyers and HR professionals. 

How Can I Help?

Human Resources

HR is a fundamental business function, that can positively impact productivity & profits.


employment law

In the midst of COVID-19 it's becoming ever more crucial to apply the law correctly.



Sometimes, your poor-performers just need coaching to help them become star performers.


Here’s My Story

My greatest love growing up was watching episodes of Crown Court. I dreamed of being a lawyer. But life isn’t always a mirror of our childhood dreams.

I left school with few qualifications and as I turned 18 I’d just had a baby, bought a house with my boyfriend and started a business. It was great, for a while. We made a comfortable six-figures, had a great lifestyle and no money worries. Then at age 22, the relationship broke down. Suddenly, I was a single parent, with no job and I was broke. 

I’d learnt a lot from running a business but I needed to make a living fast so it was time to reinvent myself. Before I knew it, I was using my business skills to manage teams in a range of industries and this quickly grew into coaching and mentoring too.

Whilst I was enjoying my work, I knew it was time to pursue my long-held dream of being a lawyer. 

Fast forward a few years and I qualified as a lawyer at one of the UK’s top 45 law firms.

I was on track to enjoy the successful legal career I’d dreamed of. But a personal tragedy meant that I had to leave private practice and put my legal career on hold. Not one to sit still, I undertook a masters degree in Intellectual Property and Employment Law, a certificate in business and personal coaching, and a certificate in Human Resource Management after which I became a member of the CIPD. I’m also a Psychologies Magazine approved coach, have been featured in their print magazine and I’m a regular contributor to their online LifeLabs blog.

And that brings me to today. 

Now, I help small businesses with their “people problems” using the skills and experience I’ve gained as a small business owner, lawyer, HR professional and coach. It couldn’t be a better fit, and that’s why small business owners and HR professionals love working with me. We make a great team!

Helping SMEs to overcome their “people problems“.

Serving Small Businesses, Locally & Internationally.


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