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Whether you’re conducting a dismissal or a disciplinary, managing furlough or considering redundancy, you want a great solicitor who has YOUR business interests at heart.

If you’d like specialist legal help to solve your people problems, get in touch today.

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Are you looking for straight-forward advice in respect of a staff problem? Are you based in Cheshire, and looking for a local solicitor who understands your people and your business needs? I’m a Warrington based employment solicitor, and I provide a modern, flexible approach to serving my clients across Cheshire and beyond.

Sooner or later every employer needs to ‘get rid of someone’. Maybe you’re in the middle of an economic slump and you have to make redundancies. Perhaps you just can’t get a particular employee to do their job. Possibly there’s one or more of your staff who are at loggerheads. Whatever the reason for needing the services of an employment solicitor, I can help you.

Here are some of the many problems that I help employers to solve: persistent absenteeism, disruptive and argumentative behaviour, theft (including stock, personal or business items, data, customers / clients etc), under-performance of duties, failure to improve when subject to performance management, going AWOL.     

If you’ve got staff problems, and you need solid advice from an employment lawyer and HR professional, you’re in the right place. 

I provide a unique approach: Employment Law, HR and Coaching services, helping business owners to resolve their staffing issues swiftly and efficiently. My approach ensures that you receive the best return on your legal spend.

I’m based in Warrington, between Manchester and Liverpool and support businesses across the UK.

How Can I Help?

employment law

In the midst of COVID-19 it’s becoming ever more crucial to apply the law correctly.


Human Resources

HR is a fundamental business function, that can positively impact productivity & profits.


Warrington Based Solicitor

Serving Clients From Offices In Manchester and London

  • Are you considering making redundancies?
  • Has a past employee brought a claim against you in the Employment Tribunal?
  • Do you have employees who are under-performing?
  • Would you like practical, solutions focused, legal advice from a qualified lawyer who is also a qualified HR professional and ACC level certified coach?
  • I’m Jane Rapin, a Solicitor based in the North West who advises clients across the UK from offices in Manchester & London.
  • I’d like to help you solve your people problems.
  • If you’d like to find out how I can help you, book a free, no obligation conversation with me or call me on 020 3004 5484



I’m Jane Rapin,

Employment Solicitor, HR professional, and certified coach with a masters degree in Intellectual Property & Employment Law.

It’s this unique combination of skills and qualifications that sets me apart from other employment solicitors.

I’ve spent my entire working life helping employers boost productivity and profits by getting the best out of their employees. Enabling them to deal swiftly & efficiently with problem employees.

I’ve also owned and managed several businesses including manufacturing, haulage and retail. I understand what it’s like to own a business, and how difficult it can be to manage employees and keep up to date with employment law. That’s why I take a pragmatic, commercially focused approach to help you solve your people problems. I’m unique in my experience and my approach.

jane rapin hr employment law lawyer warrington solicitor

Helping SMEs to solve their people problems.

Serving Businesses, Locally & Internationally.

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Solicitor Cheshire | Greater Manchester |  Lancashire

Local, Warrington based, solicitor helping clients across the north west. I help clients in Warrington, Wigan, Leigh, St. Helens, Stockport, Altrincham, Knutsford, Lymm, Golborne and the surrounding towns and villages in greater Manchester and Cheshire. I also serve a London client base from offices in the West End.


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